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We Guarantee Satisfaction from start to finish of your complete tree removal, land clearance, stump grinding, hedge trimming, pruning, debris recycling, firewood processing and mulching service in the Hamilton Waikato Regions of New Zealand.

We specialise in confined space tree removal, no tree to large or to small. Take advantage of our very competitive low seasonal rates and free delivery in Hamilton for firewood, mulch and milled macrocarpa slabs, sleepers and custom milled timber. 


 Ace Tree Recycling Limited is Fully Insured to carry out all
      tree work on your property

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Family Owned & Operated Business Since 1995,

where Satisfaction is Guaranteed from Start to Finish 




Trees and hedges of all sizes including shrubs. Debris can be left on-site whole, processed
into firewood and mulch, or completely removed from your property.

Had a tree lot taken down? - need to mulch up the sticks left behind? Had a shelter belt trimmed?  We have the tool for you,
Our mulcher is ready for your job. Please call to get more information

Tree Removal

Our specialty. Trees removed in all situations, from trees in open areas to trees in confined
spaces. Trees in close proximity to buildings, gardens or structures can be dismantled in
pieces without causing any damage. Debris can be left on-site whole, processed into firewood
and mulch, or completely removed from the area.

Land Clearance

**New 10 Tonne

Complete land clearance preparing your site for residential or commercial development. 
Debris can be left on-site whole, processed into firewood and mulch, or completely removed
from your site.
Stump Grinding Remove tree stumps of any size. Stumps no longer need to be an eye sore. Stump grinding will
reduce your tree stumps to wood chip, allowing for replanting or re-instating lawn.
Onsite Wood Splitting   Once a tree has been removed, the wood can be split into firewood size pieces, by our on-site
wood splitting service, or completely removed. Our commercial grade wood splitter with 33
tonnes of splitting power makes short work of the toughest timber.
Mulch With the use of our 12" Chipper we reduce all your tree debris into mulch. Wood chip is an
excellent mulch for your garden. Wood chip greatly reduces weed growth while regulating
soil moisture & temperature, creating an excellent sub-soil environment for plants to thrive in.
12 Tonne Digger Availabe to do drainage work, general farm work, site works and logging operations. 
Wood Lots

Have you got wood lots or shelter belts surplus to requirements? Do you need them totally
cleared? Want the timber marketed to offset costs? Or do you want the trees felled safely for
you to clean up at your leasure?  Call Wayne to discuss your situation on 07 829 5648 


The 18inch chipper is a great alternative to burn piles.
Produces good wood chip that can be used to calf bedding or a uniform look in a garden.  

Mahoe Sawmill

We have a great protable sawmill for made to order timber.
We have produced posts for organic farmers, organic fruit orchards,
sleepers for raised garden beds and also sleepers for general garden use. 


Take Advantage of our Very Competitive Low Seasonal Rates & Free Delivery in Hamilton for Firewood and Mulch


 We have 2020 firewood avaiable now to purchase.
Get in before the mad Summer rush.
$100 per cube for mixed woods
$110 per cube for straight gum

Milled Macro                   

Slabs, custom milled timber. Please email or phone for details


Sold by the truck load (6 cubic metres)



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Wayne Baker today for a Free No Obligation Quote

Family Owned and Operated Business since 1995, where Satisfaction is Guaranteed from Start to Finish